2017 Tactical Response to Mobile Attackers - Instructor Course
  • Type: Training
  • Date: 10/16/2017 - 10/20/2017 - 0830-1700
  • Instructor: Bart Branyon
  • Fee (Member): $200
Bonner Springs Library, 201 N. Nettleton, Bonner Springs
This instructor certification course focuses on teaching law enforcement first responders and tactical personnel how to respond to a highly aggressive, well-armed and actively mobile attacker. Actual ambush and mobile attack incidents are utilized to highlight the need for law enforcement officers to have the ability to quickly transition tactics under duress. The course focuses on recognizing an ambush, escaping the ambush, reversing the situational force momentum, and winning the encounter. The students will receive classroom and practical instruction on days 1-3 and then teach a two day end-user certification course to law enforcement students on Days 4-5. Students should be aware that this course is physically demanding and will require running in bursts, dragging, and lifting. Click Here For 2017 TRMA Instructor Flier